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Athena Speakers SCT Series **/***
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Audio Refinement Pre-2DSP-PL-II **
Pioneer VSX-D3S VSX-99
Service Manuals
Music Hall-MMF 7.1
AKG 240 Headphones
Wharfedale Dovedale 3
Marantz DV9500 *
Marantz SR4023
Adcom GFA-555II **
Adcom GFA-555II
Adcom ACE-615 *
Adcom GFA-2535 ***
Luxman T-100 **
Krell KSA-80B
Pioneer DVD-V7400
B&K Reference 50 ***
B&K Pro 10 MC
B&W 803 - 804
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Furutech Demag
Pioneer PD-4500
Pioneer CT-M6R
Rotel RB-970BX
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Hit Counter
Anthem MCA-225 GEN 2 *
Anthem AVM 50 * 
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2nd System **
Uptone audio Ethergen White Paper
Sony UBP-X800M2 *
Pioneer DVD-578A **
3rd System ***
Marantz DV9500
Dual CS-506
Web Design
RCA RP-8055B ***